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Tarots historia

Amina Wettemark has over 40 - years experience in tarot and astrology reading.

As a 14 - year-old Amina Wettemark began to work as a medium. She suggested pond lights and tarot cards that no one else has done in this century.

After meetings in 79 different countries so settled Amina Wettemark in Sweden, and can now shed light and mystery of those who seek her consultation.

Amina Wettemark also studied astrology and tarot reading in France and Belgium. She prefers to use a combination of astrology and tarot reading the French way. And uses her psychic ability as a complement to the tarot and astrology reading in a unique way.
(Sweden only)
Psychic Reading On Your Phone Bill 0939- 100 11 50 ( 19.90 SEK/min )
(Sweden only)

If you can not call the "On Your Phone Bill" number Amina Wettemark have another option for you. It is to pay for the consultation in advance

For more information. Go to the menu button "contact me".

Do you have access to msn or skype with Webcam, you can have video calls with Amina Wettemark (at an agreed time and after payment in advanced)".


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