History of Tarot Cards

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According to various theories, one would think that the cards were brought to Europe either by Gypsies, Muslim Moors or Templar during the Middle Ages.

Yet another explanation is that the Tarot deck was created in Europe by the Albigenses a Gnostic sect based in southern France in the 1100 - century.

Probably the knowledge of the Tarot cards have survived through oral tradition, for it is not aware of any earlier extant writings on the tarot cards.

Tarot cards are brought alive in earnest until the 1700 - century. The oldest surviving Tarot cards are from Italy in 1300 - and 1400's - century.  

Egyptian clergy have probably used the language of the tarot initiation during Pyramids time.

According to some interpreters are Tarot cards a story about the path each individual must walk this earth.

In 646 after the fire in the great library of Alexandria the city of Fes in present Morocco's become the capital in the intellectual culture. Multiple learned people came from different parts of the world, to be able to pass on the ancient wisdom. And this must have led to a book, where the book's contents were transferred to the imagery that is later called the tarot.


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