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The medieval anatomy was very much infiltrated by astrological approach was at body parts was assumed to correspond definite signs of the zodiac or the zodiac.


Amina Wettemarks have qualifications in astrology to see the different diseases in humans and animals, which makes her something of a polymath.


Her medical knowledge rests entirely from the doctrine of shamanism. And old-Oriental belief that all diseases can be achieved by various planetary position.


But it could also be that evil spirits and demons that have come into the sufferer's body to torment her / him. It is therefore important to understand the difference, mainly to know what kind of evil spirit that beset you, and then expel it with the right exorsism.


All this is done by Amina Wettemarks herbal preparations made from medicinal herbs, incense, special candles, spices, oils and ointments that are composite materials for various purposes. Amina Wettemarks cure is primarily focused on countering individual disease symptoms.


These natural medicines and herbs is good for body and soul, you can order and buy through Amina Wettemark.


If you want to immerse yourself in medical knowledge so keep Amina Wettemark courses in this.

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