History of Astrology

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History of Astrology:                                                                         Copyright all rights reserved

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Astrology was discovered by the Sumerians who named the twelve animals circle symbol, and all the constellations were named after their shape.


The main tools of astrology is the horoscope. This is a map of how the sky looked like at that date/time and the place when you was born.


You can set horoscope all possible things, it can be your pet's birthday, or the historical importance for the future.


Birth horoscope shows the positions of all planets, the sun and the moon was in the sign of the zodiac when you were born.


When asked which character you are born into, so we mean the sign that the sun was in when you were born. Therefore they often are called "the sun signs".


Ascendant has an important role in the horoscope. That is the point where the zodiac cutting the horizon which means rising above the horizon at a given moment. With the ascendant and the sun, is the moon one of the main influences in the horoscope, which symbolizes man's nature from birth.


Next, the horoscope must be considered the twelve houses (GO TO THE MENU BUTTON STAR SIGN). The houses are mathematically calculated parts of the chart, each of which deals with various aspects of your life.


Here it is important to understand the astrology, and to compile all the above factors, together with your evidence of opportunities, mistakes, past and your future.


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